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  So this is me.I'm about maybe 5 or 6. I loved that doll,she was the neatest doll. I think I liked her because I thought her hair was the same color as mine,just a little lighter.I got her from a church bazaar and she was my bestest friend.Oh how much I loved the church bazaars,they were the best! Church bazaars had the best of both worlds: neato craft projects (like my doll,she didn't ever have a name I think) AND baked goods! Oh heaven above they had little Ziploc bags filled with chocolate chip cookies and if you were the lucky kid you won a cake at the cake walk.
That nifty,metal spiky thing is a flower frog.You put in the bottom of the container you want to arrange your flowers in,set the flower stems on the spike and it holds the flowers in place. Vintage spiky thing.

    Way back when,when my doll and I were close I knew a few things:  1.I loved my family,especially my sister.(I thought my parents were lovely,but my sister was close to my age.I mean instant best friend for life!) 2. I loved jellies shoes and my cats. 3.And food brought people together. Or let me put it like this,my family always got together,food was involved and I got to play with the coolest cousins in the world.I knew on Christmas day we all got together,ate and played. The church potlucks were the best. We got to go "out" to eat and play air hockey in the youth room.And I know now the power of cooking a meal for someone,the settled feeling of having a plate of hot,fresh food in front of you .My step-grandmother (bless her heart) always made spaghetti. It was her specialty and she made it ALL the time,bless her heart.When I was a kid,we ate my grand parents house a number of times. Almost every time,we ate her spaghetti. I don't know if it was a secret recipe,but it was pretty fantastic.It was pretty ok spaghetti,but she put all of her love into that plate,that was the fantastic part.It gave my parents a night off from cooking dinner for two crazy,red-headed children and it taught me at a young age the gift of food. I wouldn't learn how special that gift was until later in life.

    I got married almost 9 years ago to the coolest man on the planet and shocker! He likes my cooking! Thank the Lord for small favors. I really learned the power of cooking a meal for someone when I got married. I have had some pitfalls,kitchen disasters,and awful baking backfires( and will continue to,it keeps you humble I say) ,but at least I have a dishwasher who loves me.After a few,successful meals for my dear,sweet,Palmolive-lovin' husband,the thought came across the brainwaves " I could make food for other people." Well look out after that crazy thought it was all over with. As I fell more in love with my husband, I fell for cooking,entertaining and generally making people happy through food, a full belly and settled heart goes a long way in life.So I kept cooking and well wanted to talk about it. Even though he does the dishes willingly,I was talking his ears off about food and figured it was time to start a blog.It was a rough go at the start and there are days the words might not come as quickly,BUT ! when I look at the pictures of the food,remember the folks I cooked/baked the food for,and think about the flavors of the food in those pictures it all comes together.

Sooo now a quick update! I had a baby and now she is growing into a little girl. Ain't she precious! Well we seem to think so and I truly enjoy sharing with her my love of food,cooking and enjoying each other.It's gonna be fun,so stick around for the crazy. Enjoy!