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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh We Are So Cool.

   Ladies and genltemen meet Diana Henry. She is a food columnist for Britain's Sunday Telegraph and sister has been busy. She has written five cookbooks besides cooking all this beautiful food and hosting a popular television show in London,all with beautiful photo spreads of food YOU CAN MAKE AT HOME .I heard about her through a group of folks that like to cook with and write with,IHCC.

I Heart Cooking Clubs is a fine group that I have to enjoy blogging with and even more I am thrilled to be back cooking and blogging along with them.We feature a certain chef every six months and cook our way through their recipes. Recipes are chosen by ingredient or just for the heck of it which sometimes is the most fun. Each week we have a theme that highlights certain flavors,taste or just the possibility to all cook up a meal to bring to the table. I have cooked through a few chefs with IHCC such as Giada de Laurentiis ( be prepared for some good pound cake and vintage love.) , Jamie Oliver ( just so you know this is my go-to tomato sauce. I make up gallons of it to freeze and the flavors never let me down.) and Tessa Kiros ( fine,fine creamy butternut squash recipe,perfect for this time of year.).I have really,really enjoyed cooking with all of these good people and also truth be told being pushed out of my comfort zone,really learning to enjoy food.

It is a thrill to be back cooking and blogging about it. I have two of Diana Henry's cookbooks and I'm soooooo looking forward to diving into them this weekend. The recipes will be delicious,simple and rich. Here's to another season with IHCC and some good food to talk about.

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