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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mid-Week Moment #51

      So when we were little,my Grandmother Sue would come visit us a few times a year. It was always such a special time when she came to visit. She was a a well-seasoned traveler and racked up the frequent flyer miles with a vengeance. I knew she loved to travel but I knew in my heart that this was 100% love for her family. She made every effort to show each one of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren just how much we were loved.

    I will miss her this Christmas. She passed away this past spring and my heart has slowly started to heal.Christmas was her holiday. She made sure she sent boxes full of stocking stuffers to each of her children for ALL of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.Every single year,without fail we knew those stockings were filled LOVE.

   The movie Love Actually with Hugh Grant,Kiera Knightly and whole host of other well-known actors,is just wonderful. I watch it every Christmas season. The intro is my most favorite part. Take it in for a moment and then take five minutes to really show someone how much you care,it will do you as much good as it does them.

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