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Monday, December 1, 2014

Change Ain't Half Bad.

  Funny how life changes after having a baby,beginning to raise that baby into a well-rounded little girl and keeping up with life in general. I knew that one day, I would get back to my blog,my writing and cooking up delicious meals for family and friends.

   Aaaaaand I did and with a sidekick to boot! Olivia Kate is not only my daughter but constant companion in the kitchen,sous chef extraordinaire!. I had to calm down my inner control freak and let loose a little when it came to many things. The days have become a little more routine,so that has allowed me to work in a little more thinking time and a teeny,tiny bit less rushing around,


So here on a few changes have been made and more changes to come regarding content and setup. The improvements to the blog will reflect the everyday goings-on in our little family and the world around us. I am fortunate enough to stay at home with my sweet girl and either I attempt to tell her what I've learned or tell you the readers! I think you might be a more captive audience so I hope you enjoy what I have to share,look forward to new posts starting in a few days!

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