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Friday, November 4, 2011

Slow-Cooker London Broil

   The cool lady on the left is my Grandmother Sue. and the girl on the right is me on my wedding day at the wonderful-much needed bridal brunch given by some other amazing ladies in my family. She is known for her sweet,caring nature,her sweet pickles and if you ask any member of my family they will tell you her London Broil recipe is out of this world. I had heard rave reviews of her recipe for London Broil for years and I knew I had to make it.

Sooo... I did.

For her.

At her 90th birthday dinner at our house a few years back.I must admit I was nervous and a little intimidated.She would love me if my hair was blue although she might not like it.She gets just so excited at any thing her children,grand children and great-grandchildren accomplish and just smiles from ear to ear. I knew if this meal was awful and we wound up ordering pizza she would still be thrilled with me,my efforts and that was enough for me.Good thing the meal didn't stink and a lovely time was had by the guest of honor and her family.

    Her London Broil recipe is not hard and not time-consuming. It's a simple treat that calls for pretty simple ingredients.The cut of meat is the real star in this recipe. The sauce that coats the meat is just luscious.I knew that a recipe for this classic was such a treasure. I also knew that there had to be a slow-cooker version of London Broil. It didn't take me long to find that slow-cooker recipe and I didn't have to look very far.

   Thank you for coming through for me yet again. I love this website,have for many years.You should love it too. The recipes number in the gagillions. The folks that look at this site,cook the recipes on this site comment and the comments help.The suggestions made in the comments listed on the Slow-Cooker London Broil recipe made a difference in the final product.The leftovers made for some fine eating the next night at dinner. Hooray for another stellar slow-cooker recipe in the recipe box.

Here we go:   

      ***Weelll just a quick note: I did this recipe in two days. I prepped the meat the night before, added all the ingredients and turned the slow-cooker on the next morning.Soooo the pictures reflect those steps. It can totally be done the same day,whatever suits your fancy. Ok so now esshhhmmm-throat clearing ...***

Let's get started:

            Oh a jar full of gold: pork fat. Simple,unadulterated pork fat.It makes a fine flavor on browned flank steak. The aromas that stick around are just barely evident hours later on your plate full of London Broil.

  Break out your roasting pan or big ol' skillet. Pat dry the flank steak,salt and pepper each piece of meat and brown the steaks on each side.

  Since I decided to do this recipe in two steps,parts,nights...I browned the meat,let it rest and cool down then wrapped it in foil  and let it spend the night in the fridge. This step also helps seal in the juices of the just cooked meat.

       Also before I went to bed that night,as the flank steak rested and cooled I prepped the vegetables and  whipped up the terribly time-consuming sauce ingredients: cream of mushroom soup,dry onion soup mix,condensed tomato soup, Worcestershire sauce,and red wine vinegar.People it was tough. I had to put ALL of the ingredients in a bowl and stir.Tough job but you will thank yourself in the morning.Now cover that bowl of goodness and toss it in the fridge too. See you in the morning.

  Morning! So here we are: Put the meat in the slow-coker first,then the vegetables and finally the sauce you whipped up last night.Put the lid on and let that wonderful-piece-of-kitchen equipment do the work.

 Dang fine dinner that night. And just for fun and gluttony's sake ...

I made mashed potatoes too. I mean really fine eating that night,not nearly a celebratory as a 90th birthday dinner,but I know if I made this new slow-coker classic for my amazing Grandmother Sue,she would love every bite.I can't tell you how lucky I am,I just am.

Slow-Cooker London Broil
adapted from
2-3 lbs flank steak
vegetabel oil or pork fat :)
salt and pepper
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 packet dry onion soup mix
1 TBL Worcestershire sauce
1 TBL red wine vinegar
4-5 carrots,chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
1 box of button mushrooms,roughly chopped
1.In a large skillet or roasting pan,heat the vegetable oil over med-high heat.Pat dry the flank steak,salt and pepper each side then brown on each side for 5-8 minutes.You want a good crusty brown on each side,this will help the meat hold up the slow-cooker. Put the meat directly into the slow-cooker or if making ahead,let meat rest and cool,wrap tightly in aluminum foil and store in fridge overnight.
2.Next mix together in a medium bowl the cream of mushroom soup,tomato soup,dry onion soup mix,Worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar.Wrap and store in fridge if making ahead.
3.Put the carrots and mushrooms in the crock of the slow-cooker on top of the meat and then pour the sauce on top of the vegetables.Cook on LOW for 8-10 hours.I don't reccommend cooking this on on high,just because this much meat takes time to get as tender as it was and slow food is good food.ENJOY!