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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fig Jam

              I thought for a moment "Mmmm should I make one more fig jam recipe?" I knew when I saw these figs at the produce store it was meant to be. Figs have become a favorite of mine in the last year. Until today I had had no experience with Black Mission Figs,but honey we are close friends now. They make some fine jam,so fragrant and bright.

    This week is our first week featuring Tess Kiros over at . I couldn't be more excited about her cookbooks I have in front of me! Recipes that are inspired by so many different cuisines is a challenge for me. I like a challenge. Hooray for a challenge.

     The fig jam recipe is on page 279 of Twelve ,the cookbook written by Tess Kiros. Twelve features a 12-months journey through the tastes of Tuscany. The lady is the picture above is on page 280. She makes me smile...well because she's smiling.It's pictures like this one scattered throughout this cookbook that make it easy for me to cook from. I like books with pictures. Words are good,but pictures and words!  lookout this is gonna be good.

  I didn't do much adaptation to the recipe,it didn't need it. Figs have a beautiful floral note. One single green cardamom pod highlights that floral note nicely.

Fig Jam
adapted from Twelve
written by Tessa Kiros
2 lbs whole,ripe figs
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lemon
( the same lemon works for both jobs,be sure to zest first then juice.)
1 green cardamom pod,smashed and tied up in a small piece of cheesecloth
5 cups sugar
1.Prepare canner,jars and lids.Cut away the hard stem of the figs and peel away any blemishes.Chop the figs into small pieces.Put the figs in a large non-stick pot ( or preserving pot) along with the lemon juice,lemon zest and the cardamom pod in cheesecloth.
2.Over high heat bring the fig mixture to a boil,cook for 5 minutes stirring constantly.Take out the cheesecloth bundle then remove the pot from the heat.Now using a hand-blender puree the mixture to your desired consistency for the jam.
3.Add the cheesecloth bundle back into the pot and return the pot to the heat.Heat the fig mixture over high heat back up to a boil,stirring constantly. Bring the mixture up to 200 degrees,this will be a rolling boil.
4.Pour the jam into the sterilized jars,center lids and secure with rings. Process in a hot water bath for 20 minutes.Cool jars on a wire-cooling rack overnight.


  1. Great pick and a lovely way to welcome Tessa Kiros. I adore figs. ;-)

  2. What a great choice. I love figs, though fresh ones are a little hard to come by where I come from, but this is definitely one I'm bookmarking to try as soon as I can get my hands on some figs.
    Sue :-)

  3. Beautiful! Great way to capture the brief fig season.

  4. I love the look of this pretty and studded with fig seeds. Great way to kick things off with Tessa. I know I'm gonna love this six months!

  5. I think this fig jam is a beautiful recipe to start off with. I imagine this jam would be awesome on so many things. Awesome pick! So glad to have you cooking with us again!

  6. Oh yum!
    I'm loving browsing through her books just for the pictures. Haven't looked at Twelve yet.

  7. Well, if you are tired of fig jam, I know where you can park those! That looks so inviting and so delicious. Great post, I love it when people show packaging on things, like those Penzy's pods...very nice to see things at times. This is going to be a great 6 months.

  8. Mmmm...the fig jam sounds sublime! The figs have been fabulous this season -- so much so that I've devoured them all fresh before having an opportunity to do anything further with them. I love the combination of the figs and cardamom in your jam. Perhaps my desire to taste this jam for myself will give me the willpower not to eat every fig in sight. Jenn