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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Cake with Toffee Topping

    I decided my Sunday was going to go a little bit different. The list of things ta-do hadn't gotten any shorter,but the things ta-do weren't all that bad.
Things Ta-do.
1.Fold, and put up laundry.
2. Iron whatever laundry needs it.
3.Maybe attempt to make Pomegranate Jelly...
   ( I wound up not making the jelly,maybe next year.)
4.Make a delicious-sounding apple cake for IHCC.
5.Oooohhh  Ooh Ooh I have time to make Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup.
6. Well then that means I need those cheese muffins as a side.
7.Watch the season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. I am not a huge fan of most zombie movies/tv show things,but ! this show is so well done,I couldn't help but fall for it. Scary part is the living people are way scarier than the zombies. You should so find season 1 from someone and watch it. Yay zombies!

      All of those things ta-do list are listed in the usual order of progression.Today was going to be a little different and that required some change on my part.Time management is sometimes not my strong suit.So instead of waiting until the last minute which I would usually have attempted to make the apple cake while the chicken tortilla soup cooked, I decided to go ahead and make dessert earlier in the day and not push it until last minute. Strong suit of mine. Brilliant idea yes,but then good gravy that required one more thing: patience. Sure I could go ahead and make the cake...but I would have to wait on eating the cake too.

   Sanity or cake. Sanity ... or cake...

      I chose sanity and that made for a fine,accomplished Sunday. Hooray for some                         Apple Cake with Toffee Topping:

   The ingredients list for this recipe is fairly short: apples,butter,sugar,vanilla extract,eggs,all-purpose flour,baking powder and milk. 
     I took a nod from the ever so talented MM and sprinkled a little cinnamon and ground ginger on the apples.
    Next you make up the batter,pour it over the apples and put that baby in the oven to bake up in all of it's appley goodness. My heavens my kitchen smelled this amazing.
    The ingredients for the toffee topping are as follows: butter,sugar and milk. Follow the directions. I missed adding the sugar into the butter and well had nicely browned butter,next I added the sugar ( duh) and mixed the two together. I added the milk like the recipe said, getting with the program helps tremendously and really made more of a glaze with a hint of caramel. It's tasted just fine and really highlights all of the applely goodness baked within the cake. Dang fine cake. 
                   This is how far patience gets you when you have been staring at the Apple Cake with Toffee Topping all day long.
Apple Cake with Toffee Topping
adapted from Falling Cloudberries
written by Tessa Kiros
3 apples ( I used Granny Smith,Tess recommends Golden Delicious.)
7 TBL butter,softened
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
1 2/3 cup all-purpose flour,
   plus extra for dusting
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup milk
1 1/2 TBL butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.Grease and flour a deep 9-inch springform cake pan.Peel the apples and core the apples. cut them in half lengthwise.Cut each half into about 6 slices.Arrange the apple slices in the pan,they should fit well into two tight circles.
2.Using an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment,cream the butter and sugar togather until pale and creamy.Add the eggs,beating well after each addition.Sift the flour and baking powder and add to the butter mixture. Beat in the milk until the mixture is soft and fluffy.Scrape out the batter over the apples and smooth the top of the batter.
3. Bake for 35-40 minutes,or until a skewer inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.Remove the cake from the oven and set aside to cool.
4. While the cake cools make the topping: Put the butter and sugar in a small pan and cook over medium heat for 3-4 minutes,until the sugar melts and turns a light caramel.Add the cream,drop by drop initially,then in a steady stream,whisking the whole time.Take that the mixture doesn't splash.Decrease the heat a little and simmer for another minute.
5.Loosen the sides of the can by running a knife around the outer edges of the cake pan.Pour the caramel over the top of the cake.Let it cool completely before releasing the latch on the springform pan.Serve warm or at room temperature with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


  1. Gosh--you guys all made this one look so good I am going to have to make it. ;-) Yummy! BTW--I think cake = sanity!

  2. Well, this apple cake sounds like it is fabulous...and popular! I know I'll be trying it one of these days. So what'd ya think of the season premiere?? The end!!! Oh my gosh, what a shocker!

  3. Mmm, wonderful! I love cooking with granny smith too, I like the bite it gives.
    My son and I watched the season premiere here too, and in Canada they showed an all-day marathon of season one first. Creepy good fun!

  4. You're making me want to make another cake! I made mine when no one else was home. It was hard to wait until after school let out. And I may have shaved a little bit from the cake for test purposes.

  5. We loved the season premiere of The Walking Dead and YES! the end totally got me. Mouth-hanging-wide-open got me,I just can't wait until next week. We also had an all-day marathon of the first season,funny thing last season we watched the newest episode of The Next Iron Chef show and then Walking Dead,perfect mix in our house.
    P.s. I loved this cake,truth be told I had a piece for breakfast this morning.It's that versatile.

  6. I am so loving the look of this cake - it's definitely been a popular one this week :-)

  7. Looks great, and it was fun to make, too! We loved it and I made two little 4" cakes, my husband ate all but one small slice that I had in two Guess I should just have made a big one. He's not a big cake fan, so I had no idea he was going to eat it like that. I love all your ingredients lined up...shhhh, don't tell anyone but I never cook/bake like that, I just go from place to place getting ingredients and tossing them in as I go. Someday I will go that whole route, but for now I will just admire those of you who do it that way, it looks so professional. Loved this cake!

  8. Ha! I LOVE the walking dead series too and usually don't watch that kind of thing. I was so excited it's back on! This cake looks delish and was popular - I've got to try it. I think like Meredith said it would be something I'd enjoy for breakfast too.