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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tang Pie

        I saw those wooden spoons today. You know the wooden spoons that you got with your plastic cup of vanilla ice cream. I was leaving a gas station on my way back to work from my lunch break and there they were.They were sitting on top of an ice cream cooler next to a bag of little plastic cups of ice cream. The simple little wooden spoons that opened the cup of a childhood memory.
            The little plastic cups of ice cream that were served to us at daycare family picnics. The daycare I went to when I was a little kid used to have summer picnics. You ordered your boxed dinner,usually chicken strips or a hamburger/cheeseburger,gathered the families around sitting on blankets and enjoyed a night in the park. All of the kids quickly finished up dinner and then it was time for dessert. Oh and you had a choice of dessert,your choices were either vanilla or chocolate ice cream cup OR an orange push-up pop.You knew you had to make the right choice,but it was the toughest choice ever for a cute,little red-haired 5-year old make!!!! What was I going to choose?!?!?!

I chose wisely,the orange push-up pop.    
     Oh the orange push-up pop was my favorite and to this day it's still pretty high on the list. Simple,sweet,but not to sweet,creamy orange push-up pop.It was wrapped in a thin cardboard wrapper and had a plastic base that meant the end of ice cream when I'd eaten all of the orange heaven.The wrapper was covered in big,brightly covered polka dots,oh so cool. The polka dots were probably just as big a draw for me as the ice cream treat wrapped up in that polka-dotted cardboard.Take me back.

    Well last week at work a co-worker( thank you Amy!) brought a treat to work for us to enjoy,Tang Pie. Tang Pie,huh...

    It was ah-mazing!!!! It also tasted like a orange push-up pop. Flashback to 1985,Overton Park in Memphis. I mean really the same flavors,textures and even something a little different.
     The ingredients list is short: whipped topping,Tang drink mix powder,sour cream and one small can of condensed milk.

        The difference: graham crack crust. Huh,well I'll be darned... an orange push-up pop melted and poured up in a graham cracker crust. Perfect. So perfect I got the recipe for her and made it 4 days later for some dinner guests we had Saturday night.They loved it too. And you can guess what happened as we were enjoying our lovely dessert,we reminisced of days gone by and the orange push-up pops of our childhood.

     The Tang pie recipe is simple,easy and convenient. The pie is made,then stored in the freezer until ready to serve. I would recommend making it the night before whatever function you serve it at and it will be the perfect consistency for your guests. Let it come to room tempt them serve.Enjoy it folks,the memories and the pie.
Tang Pie
adapted from Amy C.-my co-worker
1 8-ounce container of whipped topping
1/2 cup Tang powdered drink mix
1 8-ounce container of sour cream
1 small can of condensed milk
1 standard graham cracker crust
Directions: 1. Whip together the first 4 ingredients in the bowl of a stand-mixer or in a mixing bowl with a hand-mixer.Pour into the graham cracker crust. Smooth out the top and place the plastic cover back on top of the pie.Place the prepared pie in the freezer. Freeze for at least 8 hours if not overnight.Bring to room temperature when ready to serve.ENJOY!


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