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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mixed Berry Champagne

So it's 4 million degrees outside and I know it's hot where you's summer for heaven's sake.

So it's 6 million degrees outside and what do I want to do on a Sunday afternoon????

  Any takers???

  Go have drinks with my friends of course on their gorgeous back porch,of course! Oh and not just any drinks,but mixed berry champagne! Let me tell you about my Sunday afternoon,it was wonderful.

     The theme for iheartcookingclubs this week is chilling...or chillin'. Our spotlight chef for the next few months is Jamie Oliver. I found the recipe for Strawberry Champagne in his cookbook Jamie at home and I knew it was the drink for me...and some selected friends.

Oh those lucky friends.

  I had to move quickly on this one because before going to have a cocktails with some dear friends we were going to see a movie. And that means my recipe ingredients had to be prepped and chilled as they would be sitting in a hot car for the duration of the movie. Good grief,makin' me work for that bubbly.
So here's what I did:

   I cooked down some berries and mint in a large pot. I chose blueberries,strawberries and cranberries for our berry mix. I snipped some mint out of the garden and got to cooking. I cooked the berries just a bit too long,BUT! that worked in my favor. (I'll explain in a bit.)
Ran the cooked-down berry mixture through a food mill and then poured that into a mason jar (well technically an  Atlas jar.) Next I poured up some sugar in another jar,twisted on the lids,grabbed the champagne out of the wine cooler and threw all of that in a cooler with some ice packs.Sheewww,cutting it close.We were off to see the movie .

  We finished the movie and set up the bar at my friends' house. Soooo.... I had this fun notion to dip the champagne glass in the berry puree and then in the sugar and ta-da! have a pretty pink-sugar rim on the glass. Nothing of the sort happened the first few times I tried it.
  Why you ask?
  Well the berry puree was hot and the glasses were room temperature,so nothing (not berry juice or sugar) was sticking to any glass of any kind.I had a quick thought (and at this point some patient friends) CHILL THE GLASS! See while we drink our lovely-non-pink rimmed-glass beverages,the test glass would be chillin' like a villain and I would have my pretty pink sugar.

This drink was just fine. I mea fine,pink and bubbly and perfect for a Sunday afternoon with friends.

(Gorgeous back porch huh?!?! They are some classy folks. Lucky me.)

  My friend Mark had a brilliant idea,stir in a little orange juice to soften the bite of all that berry goodness.That man is brilliant,brilliant.

And look I got my pink-sugar-rimmed glass after all. The chilled glass worked well and if the berry puree' had been cold then I thank (read think) it would have been almost perfect. The sugar just adds a sweet touch to an already delicious drink.

    OH ! And what did I do with all that extra berry puree'...('cause there was a lot leftover). I measured out 2 cups,poured it in a ziploc freezer bag and come wintertime I'm gonna make me some mixed berry jam! Ok well I might not wait until winter,but I can only imagine how good that mixture would taste as a jam,minus the champagne of course. (Champagne in jam ?!?! I don't have the jam-making knowledge to make that one work.)

Mixed Berry Champagne
adapted from Jamie At Home
a leaf of fresh mint
3 handfuls of berries
a little water
a bottle of bubbly-Prosecco or Champagne
1. Heat the berries up in a large saucepan with the mint and a little water to cover the pan (so the berries don't scorch). Cook the berries until soft over medium heat,about 8-10 minutes.
2. Run the berry/mint mixture through a food mill or press through a fine mesh sieve and get out as much berry puree' as you can.
3. In each glass drop 2 tablespoons of the berry mixture and fill with Champagne the rest of the way.ENJOY!


  1. That drink looks so refreshing in this heat we're having. But I think I'd like it no matter what the weather is, looks so good!

  2. What a perfect deck drink! I think I just made the jelly version. ;-)

  3. Looks like a great drink for a hot day:@)

  4. Awesome! I know I could drink waaaay too much of this. The sugar rimmed glass is beautiful =)

  5. A perfect drink for enjoying outside in the warm weather. Great pick! ;-)