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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carrot and Cilantro Treat For All

 Jamie Oliver has the title of this recipe almost right.

   I have learned that there are people that love,LOVE cilantro and there are people who just don't like it.I am one of those folks that LOVE cilantro. For those who aren't big fans of the fantastic herb,I know there are lots of other herbs out there that need love.

   For the folks that like (or even LOVE ) cilantro this recipe is for you. I have fallen for the combination of sweet carrots, ray-of-sunshine bright citrus,toasty sesame seeds and kickin' cilantro.The olive oil in the dressing ties the whole package together and adds a buttery glaze over the whole salad.

I just love this salad.
It made a fine side salad to the balsamic glazed pork medallions. Yum,yum,yum...Ok carrot and cilantro treat for all:
Slice up 4-6 medium carrots.Next add in a handful of fresh cilnatro leaves,probably a cup or so of leaves total.Then add in some sesame seeds.
( I decided on slices only because I had this fancy mandolin to use.I could've been more adventurous and tried to make the classy lookin' ribbons...but nah... hey it's taste that matters.)

Squeeze the juice of two lemons.Then use your math skills and pour up 4 times that amount of lemon juice of extra virgin olive oil.Pour that juice into a small mixing bowl.

I did the math and called it even at one cup of olive oil.Add the olive oil to the lemon juice.

So this is my version of a mortar and pestle.I haven't gotten around to adding that handy kitchen appliance to my collection,until then its a wooden spoon and a plastic dip bowl. Hey it gets the job done,point with the mortar and pestle is to heat up the sesame seeds,get a little friction going in there and bring out the natural oils of the seeds. Thank you wooden spoon and plastic dip bowl.
Oh and a note... my mother-in-law had some extra sesame seeds laying around,she drop them buy yesterday and ooohhh look two different colors,tan and black sesame seeds. Talk about fancy,taste-wise they are the same. Fancy though.
After you have have gotten some friction in those sesame seeds,toss them in the bowl with the lemon juice and olive oil. Next zest one orange and add the zest to the bowl.Then juice that same orange. Add in some salt and pepper,whisk  all os these ingredients together and there you have it,your dressing. The flavors in that bowl are almost there... wait for it.Oh woh it's magic.
Pour the dressing over the carrot mixture and and toss well to coat everything in the bowl,this is when the magic happens. The sesame seeds and the olive oil... buttery,nutty heaven. The citrus and carrot,like a ray of sunshine is a bowl.Oh my stars the cilantro and the citrus flavors... outstanding. Make this salad.

Carrot and Cilantro Treat For All
(thats the title and I'm stickin' with it.)
adapted from Jamie's Dinners
written by Jamie Oliver
serves 4-6
4-6 medium carrots,sliced into thin rounds
a large handful of fresh cilantro,leaves picked
4 tsp sesame seeds,toasted
For the dressing:
zest and juice of one orange
 2 lemons
extra-virgin olive oil
2 heaping TBL sesame seeds,toasted
salt and pepper
1.In a medium size mixing bowl combine carrots slices,cilantro leaves and sesame seeds.
2.In a small mixing bowl,add the orange zest,orange juice,salt,pepper,toasted sesame seeds. Then juice the 2 lemons and measure how much juice you get out of those 2 lemons. Pour the lemon juice in with the orange juice,zest,etc... Now pour up 4 times that amount of lemon juice of olive oil and add it to the dressing ingredients.Whisk all of that together.
3.Pour the dressing over the carrot mixture and toss together coating everything well.ENJOY!


  1. I would love the cilantro, the salad looks great! I'd have to sub parsley or something for the family, they are in the not liking group!

  2. I would go for the cilantro, but my husband thinks it tastes like soap!
    This is a pretty dish--I like your two-tone seeds!

  3. Sunshine in a bowl - I love it! I am in the love category for cilantro - but I remember not liking it the first time I tasted it. Maybe it's like coffee, beer, or sushi - takes warming up to. ☺

  4. You've won my heart with the carrots and cilantro. I could literally dive into that bowl head first. LOL!

  5. Wow, this has got my taste buds humming. I have to try this one - thanks for sharing it :-)