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Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh Rosemary,Rose Marie!

   Oh rosemary,rose marie! Rosemary has become on of my most favorite and my most used herbs in my garden.It is so hardy,sturdy and will even tough it out during a snowfall covered in a plastic garbage bag.What a trooper.
      So I was looking around on some of my favorite food blogs and found that other folks like rosemary just as much as me! I'm in some fine company.
1.The lovely folks over at Simply Recipes have come up with one tasty-lookin chicken recipe.You should check this recipe out very soon.I am. And of course I will tell you about it.
2.Tomorrow we are venturing out into the land of the downtown Tupelo farmers market and I hope to find some onions there. Little,ittle bitty wild onionsjust so I can make this recipe for pickled onions. Yum,yum yum. (I might keep breath mints handy after a meal of these pickled little onions.)
      And then my affection for rosemary continues into my kitchen windowsill. I try to root the stuff in water and most of the time it works! Hooray for free plants! 
    See folks more reasons for you to run down to your local plant nursery and buy you some rosemary. (all the cool kids are doing it.)
3. Mentioning cool kids Molly Wizenberg over at Orangette even likes rosemary, so much that she made a delicious,light perfect soup for summer with some tomatoes,chickpeas and heloo rosemary.
4.And last but not least another fantastic blogger named Deb has a way great blog called smitten kitchen. She has some of the best food photography and she makes a mean focaccia with grapes and rosemary,genius.   Genius. 
  So I hope I have swayed you too into The Rosemary Fan Club and if not stay tuned in the next week for some more convincing. All I'm sayin is chicken,olives,tomato sauce and rosemary. Dang.


  1. Rosemary and Dill are my favorite Hurbs!!

  2. what a coinkydink - just posted this on my own blog -- rosemary is the bomb!