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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sausage rolls,hearty and convenient!

  So I have a new-found love... puff pastry. I would love to be a spokesperson for the puff pasrty makes out there. And no, I have not mastered yet making puff pastry on  my own,not just yet but one day soon.Until then the neat and trim little rectangle box in the frozen food section will do just fine.
  And I'm not kidding since we've moved I have made three,count 'em 3 recipes (in the last 6 weeks) with puff pastry. Let see I made these delightful peach/blueberry fruit cups ( the edges brushed with homemade peach jam-that recipe will come closer to peach season),a classic brie en croute (accented with homemade roasted garlic jelly and toasted pecans-roasted garlic jelly is similar to pepper jelly,an entertaining STAPLE here in the south) and my most favorite Jamie Oliver's sausage rolls!!!! Ta-daa!!!!
   Hooray for sausage rolls and an even bigger hooray for just how dang easy they are to make.I also got to enjoy alongside my sausage rolls some very tasty pickled peppers rings. (props to Molly Wizenberg for that legend of a recipe.) Folks the crispy,buttery crust just sang when I bit into it (probably due to the egg wash I brushed on just before going into the oven). The fresh-grated parmesan melted ever so nicely into the whole mix and what just the salty ummph the sausage needed and then oh then...let me mention the herbs.
Lets talk about some herbs...I threw in  some parsley and thyme and heck (I know good and well this is not an herb,don't comment and tell me this next ingredient is not an herb.) some bright yellow lemon zest.
The choirs sang. The rainbow appeared and all was right with the world. I tell you I have my moments.
     Lemon zest was the was the puzzle piece I threw in the mix on a whim and got lucky. The dice were with me that night and it made for some fine eatin'. Parmesan and lemon zest have an interesting relationship and it's fun to sit back and watch the flavor dane these two do together in a dish. Well this time it worked (thank you dice,lucky stars whomever. Otherwise it would have been pizza and like I've mentioned I just moved and sadly enough I only know the pizza delivery number by heart...that delivers from another state.
It might take a while, a long while.
So moving right along here we go with a little info on how to make Jamie Oliver's Sausage Rolls: (ta-da!)
First get together the filling,it helps to let it mix and mingle for a little bit,while you prep your pastry.
Next roll out your pastry dough to a 10 x 11 square and cut down the middle to make 2 rectangles that measure 11 inches long and 
5 inches wide. 
After you have mixed you sausage and rolled out your (frankly amazing) puff pastry dough,use an ice cream scoop to scoop out 2 scoops (try to keep them close to the same size) of the sausage mixture. Put the 2 scoops at one end of each rectangle.Leaving a 1 inch border if you can,you'll have to have an edge to press/seal together to close up these bad boys.
Close up your pastry pouches and fold over the edges to seal in all the sausage goodness.***Now as you fold over the edges of the pastry,GENTLY PRESS DOWN with your hand on the sausage inside the pouch.The sausage won't spread much when it cooks,so it helps to form the sausage into the shape of the pastry pouch of goodness.***And really these sure are the cutest little dinner idea I've had in a while.
 Now whisk together one egg and a tablespoon of water together and brush over the whole roll,in the edges on the top and on the folded edges.This will help and hurt,let me explain.
Mmmmm crusty,salt and pepper crusty with a slight crunch,fine fine fine. You make up the little pouches,brush with the egg wash (sprinkle a little kosher salt and fresh-cracked black pepper on top,if you want) and bake those jokers at 425 for at least 25 minutes. The pastry will brown and look really done,but the sausage might not be cooked all the way through inside the roll.I sacrificed a roll to check on the sausage,so your best bet go at least 25 minutes and test one. I know you will love every bite.
***OH OH OH,one more thought --from the coolest Jamie Oliver, I made double the recipe and that means I got dinner for another night already ready in the freezer,after I bake them of course,cold and hard sausage roll,not so much.All you gotz to do is make up the rolls,wrap tightly in plastic wrap then in foil. Thaw for 15-30 minutes or so,brush with egg wash and bake. Easy as that.***
Sausage Rolls
adapted from Jamie's Dinners
 written by Jamie Oliver
sausage links ( I used italian)
 frozen puff pastry,thawed
zest of 1 lemon
1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley
2 TBL minced fresh thyme
1 cup fresh grated parmesan
kosher salt and fresh-cracked black pepper
  to taste
1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Remove the casings and mix together the sausage,lemon zest, parsley,thyme,parmesan,salt and pepper. Roll out thawed puff pastry into a 10x11 square,then slice down the middle of the square to make two 5x11 rectangles.
2. Using an ice cream scoop,scoop out two balls of sausage and place on one end of the pastry dough,leaving  1-inch border. Fold over the opposite end of pastry over the sausage gently flattening down the sausage mixture. Fold in small folds the edges of the puff pastry to close off the pouch. Brush the whole roll with egg wash,make sure to seal the edges with egg wash. Bake at least 25 minutes,check after the time is up for doneness. Enjoy,this is one hearty and convenient dinner!


  1. They look so good, I would love one of those. I'd like mine with a little side of marinara sauce.

  2. Those are very nice looking and remind me of the rolls we were able to buy in England. Good food!!

  3. Oh my gosh, these sound really, REALLY awesome. I love puff pastry, too...the kind I can get all ready made for me in the freezer ;)

  4. Was toying with making these for the IHCC Father's day theme. After reading your excitement over them--well, I'm thinking I just have to.

    I LOVE that you brought out a tape measure. That is exactly something I would do ;-)

  5. These look delicious and a perfect pick for the herby theme. ;-) Bring on the puff pastry!

  6. I love sausage rolls - perfect for summer eating outdoors!

  7. Wow! I'm always impressed when people choose cakes and rolls, and stuff like that. I feel like I could not manage it. But who knows... I might give it a try this summer :-)

  8. These really were a great dinner idea and I have two more recipe to post in the near future using puff pasty. It's just so darn versatile! :)

  9. Great looking sausage rolls, even better that you managed to freeze some for a later occasion. I love puff pastry too, but I can't imagine a time that I would ever make my own. Store bought puff pastry is just fine with me.

    Sue :-)

  10. I love puff pastry, havent't mastered making it either. Store bought is just fine with me. The Herb and cheese combination sounds delicious in this sausage roll.

  11. These sausage rolls got my attention in the book too. They looks absolutely amazing! Makes me wish I could find puff pastry at the markets down here. Great choice!