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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mid-Week Moment # 26

This is a picture of myself (on the bottom) and my younger sister Caroline taken a few years ago.    It's one of my favorites.
"Beauty:the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole." -Leon Battista Alberti

    Yes sister I put this picture on the blog.
     I sure did...
     Now moving on...I usually am a lady of few words on the Mid-Week Moments,but allow me a few since it's my first day back at this in a MONTH,one whole month.Been too long.
    It's been a while since I've written because a little over a month ago,my husband and I bought a house,packed all our belongings in every liquor store box we could find and moved to a different state.We moved to Tupelo,Mississippi ( I know have to sing the little rhyme that spells the name of that state I now live in,Mi- ssi-ssi-pp-i . Catchy.)
  It's a lovely city and we have chosen to call this lovely city home.And we found our home here,oh what a house it is,love love love it.I have taken just a minute to adjust to all the changes,new names and faces and well just get "settled in." I could expand on the differences in "settled in" and "unpacked" are,but I will spare you for now.( I have a lovely front porch with rocking chairs that we could sit and debate differences,oh and we have ferns hung from the trim on the front porch.Oh how very Southern.)
  What I will expand on is the beauty of adjusting.It really is a beautiful process that takes place and in my case a scene to behold.I couldn't find my spatulas for a few days,was on the lookout for half of my toiletries for a good week and then lo and behold 3 weeks into being 80% unpacked (we busted our behinds for the first 2 weeks,glad that's over) I found a bag of clean mind you,towels that had been sitting in a corner,in the downstairs guest bedroom just hanging out.Oh good heavens more laundry.
 I have although in my adjusting honed a few skills that on my best days I'm not so good at : being graceful,ok well...being gracious and most of all grateful.
I am not the most graceful person and unpacking really showed those skills.I can handle a step ladder with the best of them,but when reaching for a pair of scissors to open another box (at the same time aiming for the stool to sit on) watch our for the basket beneath your butt.
It was a good basket,now a flat basket.
Being gracious is not a skill that just flows freely when you're knee-deep in a U-haul truck or at the end of a receiving line at the end of that U-haul and every muscle in your body hurts.Oh did I mention sweaty,honey even if you are sweaty and know you smell bad HUG THE NECK OF THE FOLKS THAT HELPED YOU MOVE all the boxes out of the U-haul.It means the world to them,thank you goes a long way and they helped make your house your home.
Grateful.Every day I wake up grateful. Yep that's a mighty statement,but at some point in my day I stop and say a prayer,to thank the good Lord up above for all the blessings He has given me and you should too. Period. Bottom line. End of story.
And one last thing,all of those qualities I mentioned above: graceful,gracious and grateful,I have seen in one person,my sister. She has moved a handful of times and never batted an eye at the adjustment. Moving stinks and honey I can tell you I cried like a baby the first time she moved away from home. She decided to go to a college out of state and I knew she would be ok and I would see her in a few months,little did I know how much I had to adjust my daily world without her right there to bug me,laugh at/with me and heck even have a few disagreements with. Her adjustments and my adjustments took time,lots of time and to be honest I don't know if I'll ever fully adjust to all of this life stuff,but two things I do know: 1. If I follow in the graceful,gracious and grateful footsteps of my little sister, I will be just fine. 2. Always be on the lookout for stray bags of towels...but at least I I have a laundry room to wash all of those random towels.

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