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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few things...

Confession time:I am not a big fan of moving,not at all.
I am although a huge fan of our new house and will put my feelings side to move our stuff to that awesome new house.I must admit that this time around I have actually been way more motivated than in times past.
Stranger things have happened.
We have packed up about 80% of all of our stuff,taken about 5% of our stuff (that we have no use for anymore/or lets phrase it better...others might find a better use for...) to the Goodwill and the rest of that other   5 % is well....the stuff in my kitchen.
Yep, I have to pack my security blanket.
I know good and well I don't need 8 mixing bowls of various size to accomplish my culinary task the week before I move.I really don't have to have the cute little jar of pickling spice to pack that last box of cookbooks.(none to worry those were packed 2 weeks ago AND NO I haven't counted them at all. The jury is still out on whether I should actually count the mass quantity of books,...nah probably not gonna.I think the experts call this a soft addiction.I like to cook and I need the books to help me cook.So there.) And really who am I kidding,I haven't cooked much of anything in the last two weeks or so anyways.I had one big hurrah with the family and made this fantastic Beef Tortilla Casserole a week ago and the leftover dishes have since been washed and put away.
So before I finish this post and move on to packing I thought I'd share a few things that make my kitchen world spin around,a very top-of-the-surface list really since everything in my kitchen is a must-have.Moving along:
Penzey's and I have a fine realtionship,actually it's a fairly easy one for the both of us.They gather and make phenomenal spices and I hand them gobs of money for those amazing spices.See how tough was that.
They really do have great spices and these bay leaves are nothing to shake a stick at.The rich,woodsy,herby flavor in each dried leaf ties together a dish.They are huge leaves.And for the money you get a flavor that can't be found from bay leaves bought at any other store.
Again with Penzeys!!! No this is not an advertisement for a delightful spice store,but they have some good stuff.Good stuff to me is good extracts to use in warm,fresh baked goods.The vanilla and almond extract of so rich and who am I kidding pure flavor extracts ain't cheap in most retail grocery stores.The amount and quality of extract you get for the money at Penzey's is worth the trip to the store.
This is actually a new must-have in my kitchen: Cocoa Puffs. It all started with Costco and the chocolate Cheerios they carried,oh my heavens that is a great cereal choice! Well one weekend we stop by Costco and look! out! they don't have chocolate Cheerios anymore and I had my heart set on chocolate Cheerios,like a kid on one of those quarter vending machine toys.Well I said a dirty word,settled for Cocoa Puffs and went on with life.People what a chocie,it's a healthy choice and it's chocolate too! The box didn't last long and I'm not ashamed of it.
( I know you just saw this photo at the top of this blog post,just go with it.)
The last thing I have to share that is a kitchen must-have is well...a few things that go hand in hand.
The first is humility. The little glass piece hanging in the window there is a window charm of sorts that was left by my great aunt. She lived in this house before my husband I did. She was a great lady who passed away over 4 years ago and she had her quirky ways.She also had some great window decor and the pair of birds really is my favorite.The birds are glass,sitting on a slim piece of metal hanging from a metal chain.The blue bird is just perfect and the orange bird couldn't be any cuter,except for it's little tail is broken.The broken tail feathers on the orange bird is a lesson I learned early on and will take with me the rest of my days: nobody is perfect.
Dinner could be great,the best meal of your life....or it could totally stink,taste horrible.Either way you were fed and so were others.
The second lesson I have learned from those two little glass birds is it always helps to have someone else in the kitchen with you.I love to cook and will fuss my way through the dirty dishes left in the sink.My husband,well he willingly does 90% of all the dishes and makes doing dishes fun.
It's possible. Talk to ya'll in a few days,got to unpack all those cookbooks.


  1. great post you sister!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Found you on TK! If Costco is not carrying Chocolate Cheerios, fill out the request form at the desk. If enough people write in, they bring it back!