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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thomas Keller and his chicken recipe

One night a few months back,it was just me and a naked chicken in my kitchen.
I wanted a simple roast chicken for dinner and I knew the classic thing to do was truss that naked chicken.
Oh we had a time.

For the sake of the chicken I won't show the before pictures,but the after pictures are just delicious.
Disregard the washing machine dial in the background.I'm short on counter space and that machine makes a great stand in.Soon very soon though I will have more counter space in my kitchen,heck a whole new kitchen to show you.
I digress.

    Talk about that! I mean dee-lish-shuss. The skin was crispy,the seasonings just perfect and good gravy that was some good eatin'.
Before I get to ahead of myself, we need to get the educational side of this bird out of the way.
Trussing a chicken.
It's not too hard and along with measurement equivalents,I am going to memorize this classic culinary skill.
Lord-willing and the creek don't rise.
Now moving right along: Chicken Trussing courtesy of, Chef Michael Ruhlman (this guy can cook and he's got a great blog) and Chef Brian Polcyn .
I watched this video about a million times,put on my big girl boots and went for it.
Like I said me and that chicken we had a time.
The point of trussing a chicken is best explained by Chef Thomas Keller.
       I watched this video about a million times too,laced up those big girl boots and realized if I didn't get with it and truss that chicken we'd be having ramen noodles for dinner and no roasted chicken.
Trussing a chicken is a few easy steps that helps the bird to cook evenly,keeps the legs and wings from flopping around (as legs and wings tend to do) and the breast of the chicken cooks perfectly.
Crispy,evenly browned and did I mention crispy skin...
Oh I did,thought so.
The recipe comes from Thomas Keller,care of I think you should read through it,his instructions make a world of difference in understanding the steps.I love this recipe.I mean c'mon it'simple,calls for simple ingredients and will wow any dinner guests.Heck I was in awe.
Enjoy trussing your chicken and the results of your newly acquired culinary skill.

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