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Friday, March 4, 2011

go-to seasoning and a Winner!

See that bottle...look right there on the top of the stovetop ledge. The one with the red lid,no not the one with salt in it but the one next to it? Yep that one to the right (with the heavenly light shining down on it). The jar is vintage but the seasoning mixture is fresh as can be.
The vintage jar contains what I list in my recipes as PHS,Paula's House Seasoning.Paula Deen just calls it House Seasoning .I call it perfect. I have a copy of her cookbook The Lady and Sons: Savannah Country Cookbook .Love it,love her and love her laugh,oh Paula.
I saw this stuff called House Seasoning and had no idea what it was.
Until I flipped to the back of the book,page 160 to be exact and to this day I use all the helpful hints she has listed on those few back pages.
Folks now sometimes I make recipes that involve a few.... extra items,oh... maybe say quite a few extra items and some recipes can be a little labor intensive.And thats ok sometimes,but the recipe for Paula's House Seasoning has the shortest ingredient list I've ever used in my kitchen.
Three ingredients...
Yep just three and that's all: salt,black pepper and gahhhlic powder.I meant garlic powder,my southern accent got stuck on the keyboard.
I use this fantastic,three-ingredient mix for general seasoning.I use it in marinades,sauces and salad dressings.It goes with soups,dry rubs and heck even sprinkled over a baked potato.The garlic powder really enhances any recipe that already has garlic in it. Salt and pepper are just the best of friends and really I can't list one by itself without listing the other.Now I know that a big ol' batch of brownies won't call for salt and pepper,but savory dishes are a perfect canvas for this perfect seasoning mix.Break out the funnel and whisk!
And here we go,make your super long grocery list for this recipe and make sure to have patience searching all over the grocery store for this ingredient list.Oh and you don't need a vintage jar to store this in,a mason jar or old jam jar will do just fine.See a few ingredients (staple ingredients in any kitchen) and you can be "green."
Recycle that strawberry jam jar.Go you.
OH OH !!! and we have a winner in the 100th post giveaway from this past Wednesday! Congrats Laura Weaver you have a won a lovely jam sampler pack and I will be in touch with you soon,so I can deliver four jars of delicious,homemade jam! Hooray.
Here's the recipe for Paula's House Seasoning....Oh Paula.
House Seasoning (PHS)
adapted from The Lady and Sons: Savannah Country Cookbook
-Paula Deen
1 cup salt
1/4 cup ground black pepper
1/4 cup garlic powder
1. Whisk together in a medium size bowl.Store in an airtight jar/container for up to 6 months.Enjoy!

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