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Friday, March 25, 2011

brown sugar,oh so easy

This is just the bottle section of my pantry...
You have to look a little bit farther back to find the key to homemade brown sugar.
If you look to the right,just past the blue canister of sea salt,the yellow lidded jar.
Ta-da! It's molasses and it's the key to homemade brown sugar.I found the recipe on one of my most favorite blogs! It might be the easiest recipe I've ever made. It sure came in handy when I realized I didn't have enough brown sugar to finish out a cookie recipe.Thank goodness for molasses and oh so cool Joy The Baker,without either of them we wouldn't have enjoyed those tasty cookies.And boy those were some tasty cookies...
I've been on an almond kick lately,who knows why.
I did find a recipe for almond thumbprint cookies.
I just glanced at that recipe and it calls for brown sugar! I'm so in luck! I have almonds and now can make brown sugar...this is gonna be good.
Moving on...
How To Make Your Own Brown Sugar
adapted from
(this list is super long,get ready)
1 cup granulated sugar
1TBL unsulfured  moleasses
Directions: In a medium bowl,mix together the sugar and molasses.Now yo might think,"heck self this is so not mixing well..." stick with it it will work itself out.I started with a wooden spoon then moved to a spatula.Then did this wiping/smooshing motion and sort of pressed down at the same time.And ta-da! you have homemade brown sugar and no cookie recipe will suffer in the future. Woooo,what a relief! Enjoy!

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