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Friday, March 18, 2011

Beef Bourguignon Please

This gorgeous red Dutch oven looks innocent enough,but its the contents of this simple looking red pot that put me in a sort of stupor. Let's go further,hope you're ready.
Oooohhh brown,saucy gravy,big hunks of beef and oh wait is that little pearl onions floating around in the luscious brown gravy.I think so.Now get ready,it's about to get divine in here.
This is the finished product;mushrooms,onions and hunks of long-simmered beef just floating around in the most savory gravy I have ever tasted in my life. Deeee-lish.
This is how I felt after this meal,in a state of awe.I was done for and thank goodness I had done most of the dishes as I went along and only had to wash our plates and silverware.I mean it,OVER WITH.

(so far)
   What is this pot full o' heaven contain? Beef bourguignon. I tried to make this meal oh say a year ago and failed miserably.I had been to a class at the Viking Cooking School that was based on the recipes of Julia Child.I tried to recreate the meal a few weeks later and well... it was edible.The prep takes some time and quite a bit of cooking time that makes a perfect chance to catch up on most of your prep dishes.The second time around I fared much much better.You live and you learn...and do dishes.
   I think Julia would have kindly enjoyed my first go-round at her legendary dish.She would have probably enjoyed the buttered bread more,but nonetheless I tried.
    The recipe comes from the amazing folks over at Simply Recipes .It is one of my most favorite cooking/recipe blogs and I know it will win your heart too.Enjoy!

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