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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Manly kind of steak.

     In my quest to make all the Bon Appetit cover recipes,I have to broaden my horizons.I have to challenge myself and my slim list of cooking skills.I must make what is on the cover of each Bon Appetit magazine from here on out...yep I decided to do this and so I'm gonna do it.Even if that means taking on a big ol' steak.A steak that is bigger than I'd ever seen or bought,but I knew this cover recipe would make my husband very happy.
Because it was his birthday dinner. We don't eat steak around our house much.Well not really all that much and he tolerates my documenting of about half of the recipes I make and so folks I knew back in July (a birthday,a few major holidays and some sickness has kept us busy,I know it's January February,but hey no time like the present!) that this would be a great manly birthday dinner for my dear hubby and so there it was,he would have steak for his birthday.
  Now s I read the recipe,I thought..."mmm this doesnt' look so hard" and then there it was the light shining from above the idea came to me in an instant,"I can buy the steaks,prep the ingredients and let hin grill his own birthday steaks! That's it! And he can invite three of his friends to dinner and they can be moral support while he grills the steaks.Gathered around the warm,glowing  grill in late January,chilly though it may be, manly grill time."
I tell you what, genius on rare occasions.
(A note here,the two magazine covers you see in the picture above,the one on the left was their steak dinners.The one on the right,well that was the girly part of the meal.More on that real soon.You need to know about this dessert.Two words: Lemon. Curd. Heavens above that stuff is amazing.)
 But moving on to the meat.Lots of meat.Big meat. I bought four steaks,all this size.They were ginormous and delicious.The recipe is called Caveman Porterhouse with Poblano Pan-Fry. It's a caveman portion I tell ya.The recipe is grilled on directly on top of hardwood lump charcoal.Huh?!?! wait a dern minute,you don't use the metal grate to grill on top of? No ok  and then you do what with a cast iron skillet?!? Ok so I had to see this for myself,but I knew it would be good 'cause he wasn't going to mess up those steaks.No way man.

He set up the grill,got the charcoal set up and he was off.We seasoned the steaks with slat and pepper.I sliced up the peppers,shallots and cilantro. I took out the cast iron skillet,pepper mixture and oil to him at the grill.The friends in attendance for moral support were supportive,but a little gun-shy.I could see the hesitation/anticipation on their faces,but I had full confidence in my husband's grilling skills. He did not dissapoint.The steaks were cooked just right on the inside and on the outside a cripsy,salt & pepper crust.The poblano pan-fry was just that,ripe,fresh slices of pepper roasted to perfection.The shallots were crispy little onion rings and the cilantro brought a kick to the whole mix that was just right.

 The steak was a great manly steak and no matter middle of July or say umm...late January any time is a good time for steak.Great birthday steak for the coolest guy I know.
adapted from Bon Appetit magazine
July 2010 issue,page 73
Hardwood lump charcoal (not briquettes)
4 1 1/4 inch-thick porterhouse steaks or New York strip steaks
  (each about 16 ounces each)
coarse sea salt
coarsely cracked whole black peppercorns
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 fresh poblano chiles,seeded,cut into 2x1/4-inch strips
2 red bell peppers,cut into strips
1 yellow bell pepper,cut into strips
1 cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro
2 large shallots,thinly sliced
*special equipment*
12-inch diameter cast iron skillet
 ( we used a 10-inch diameter skillet and did the pan-fry in 2 batches)
kettle-style charcoal grill
natural-bristle brush
1.Prepare the barbecue (high heat) using hardwood lump charcoal.When the charcoal is orange,spread out in even layer on lower grill rack.Use newspaper to fan exess ash from coals.Sprinkle steaks generously with coarse sea salt and cracked peppercorns.Arrange steaks in a single layer directly atop hot embers and grill until cooked to desired doneness,4 to 5 minutes per side for medium-rare.Using long tongs,transfer steaks to plate.Using natural-bristle brush,remove any excess or loose ash from steaks.Tent steaks with foil and let rest 10 minutes.
2.Add oil to 12-inch cast iron skillet.Place skillet directly atop embers in grill.When oil begins to smoke,add chiles and all remaining ingredients to skillet.Sprinkle with salt and pepper;saute until vegetables begin to brown,2-5 minutes,depending on heat remaining from embers.Using oven mitts as aid,carefully lift skillet from barbecue.Season pan-fry with salt and pepper.Pour over steaks and serve.

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  1. OMG - I don't think I've ever seen a steak that big - sound delicious though especially with those roasted pepppers :-)