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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fantastic ol' standby

 I had this grey hoodie jacket back in college.It was the best jacket ever, and it was until last Christmas when my husband bought me not one,but three new jackets,same style different color. God bless his soul. I tell ya that jacket was there when I needed it. I wore when I trekked across campus for a spring semester(i.e.. beginning of January,when it's so dang cold outside) 8:00 am geology class.I know geology at 8:00 am,what the heck,ugggh. It kept me warm at late-night study sessions at IHOP or Waffle House and was probably instrumental in me graduating from college.
    I lost that jacket a few times and found it a few times. Bless it's little jacket heart,it was not kept in the best condition . I would wash it every now and then. Now you know as well as I do that,it didn't get prettier with age.A random,tiny little tear on the cuff slowly got bigger and well one of the sleeves of that jacket was barely hanging on to that cuff when it was retired.
    So this past spring I got a new vehicle.I had a car for a long time and now I have an SUV. It's large and in charge and eats a lot of gas. When I went to give up my car and had to clean everything out,guess what I found in the trunk,balled up next to box that held the factory radio (new radio,graduation present to me),it was my grey jacket.It still felt the same,had the sad cuff on one of the sleeves and it made me smile. It's a standby that has stood the test of time and cars,and now hangs with all the other jackets in my hall closet.

  This vinegarette is the grey hoodie jacket of vinegarettes. It's a simple,easy vinegarette that takes no time to make and it's good. It is also a great starting off place if you want to change it just a bit to fit the salad ingredients.I also think I make it,just so I can put it in a mason jar.  I mean any ol' reason to use a mason jar!
Vinegarette for Green Salad
adapted from Ina Garten
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp minced,fresh garlic
3 TBL champagne vinegar
(I've used white wine and balsamic vinegar
  in place of champagne.)
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/2 c good olive oil
Directions: In a medium size bowl,whisk together the first four ingredients.Next while whisking continuously,stream in the olive oil. This step will emulsify the dressing and make it taste so good! Enjoy

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