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Monday, November 1, 2010

Payday treat.

Three things I like a whole lot:a good read,a good lunch and payday.Every payday (or the next day closest to it) I take myself to lunch with a good book or the most current issue of Saveur magazine,it's my favorite.I go to Bogie's Deli in midtown and eat the same thing every single time,I'm like a broken record I tell ya. The sandwich I enjoy is the Smoked Turkey Reuben,the chips are the Jalapeno Heat and a cold,refreshing Dr. Pepper or maybe a regular Coke (no Diet coke with this meal,bring on the calories in the real sugar filled drinks).
  So here's what I had for lunch today,if you were wondering: 

I'm totally addicted to this sandwich and these chips.It makes my day and I really think you should go and give Bogie's a try.It's near Cooper and Madison directly in front of Studio on the Square movie theater.It's pretty fantastic and the folks that work there make my day cause they make that sandwich for me.Find the book you've been needing to finish or the magazine you just got in the mail and can't wait to read,see now's your chance. Enjoy!

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