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Saturday, October 2, 2010

CSA goodies.

      Just emptied out our CSa bag from the awesome folks at Downing Hollow Farms and look what I found,these good-lookin jewels. First thought Orangette,yep there was this recipe in her book A Homemade Life,something with radishes and butter and salt,I think.I will find the page with the recipe soon,until then this will be my inspiration.
And then... if the day couldn't have gotten any better, LOOK! basil. Fresh,crisp clean,aromatic basil.We got to our CSA booth at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market and I look down and lo and behold there it is a whole basket full of basil.(See now the heat killed off my basil and I had made peace with the fact that there was no more basil in my back yard. mmmm. ) The excitement was almost too much to handle and well Lori made my day . She said I could get a few handfuls and so I did and I was thrilled,could have skipped out of the parking lot. So I'm off to make basil banana pepper jelly and some pesto . Yep goin all out,wouldn't you if you had this much basil.

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