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Friday, September 10, 2010

what a cool find.

This little gadget is quite handy.You insert the bottle cap at an angle into the hole there and in one swift motion wedge off the cap .It doesn't fall on the floor,OH NO! the magnet under that pretty little dazey catches it. Yep it's that cool.
       A little back story: I found it in it's original box in a drawer in my grandparents' basement when cleaning out for a big estate sale there. I looked at for a minute puzzled and really folks for just like a second I was a little puzzled. I knew it was a bottle cap opener and it was red oh and I was thrilled. I knew the perfect place to put it on the wall,wait...but how? I looked at the packaging,looked at diagram and darnit to heck how was it supposed to attach to the wall. After some research, I learned there was a universal wall mount that was made for all of the products these inventive people made . I knew I had to have it and hoped one day the universal wall mount would find me somehow.(hold on to your seats,I know the suspense is killing you...)
      We were cleaning up after the first day of the estate sale and oh my googly moogly ! it was there in the bottom of a box of old blankets,by itself just waiting on me. The heck with the lottery,I had found this missing piece and would soon have the coolest bottle cap opener on the block. And many a bottled beverage has been enjoyed since!

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