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Monday, September 27, 2010

New classics.

  Now this folks was a meal...after a long Saturday of canning,making some pretty fantastic jam I might add .
we took a leap of faith on the recommendations of a few folks and got some dang fine take-out. The wonderful,simple,fresh meal pictured came from a little known place,well at least to us,called Panda Garden. It's on Summer Ave. between Highland and Graham. Now I'm no super-duper, bonafide hot and sour soup taste tester,BUT I do know a pretty amazing bowl of soup when I meet one. The bowl of soup I quickly consumed,hit the spot. It has a rich broth,spicy kick and oh good gracious do you see all the goodness in that bowl. Every single bite was filled with flavor and a spoonful to fill your belly.We also fell for the spring rolls that evening hook,line and sinker ,the crispy,hot and slightly crunchy spring rolls add a little spicy mustard with each bite,I tell you what I was finished.We are now hooked and using a little restraint not to order some every weekend. AND! if this deal can't get any better as far as the money is concerned,thats the real treat. It was a steal and made for fully bellies,big satisfied smiles and was a perfect dinner for date night,classic.
Talk about a classic,this is the, it's known around my family and friends that I can be ...well a bit snobbish,picky you might say when it comes to coffee.Long ago,in a land far far away I worked for a pretty well-known coffee company that serves some of the best coffee ever,yep ever.I was treated to some great cups of coffee and much to my snobbish surprise guess what... there are other kinds of coffee out in the world.I know right big shocker,well Cafe Bustelo you had me at the first sip. It's rich,dark,full-bodied and equally as satisfying as that hot and sour soup I mentioned earlier.I add just a little sugar and enough cream to change the color,find the couch and a good magazine . Talk about a classic weekend,good take-out and a big ol' cup of good coffee. Perfect.

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