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Monday, September 13, 2010

it's finally,almost,maybe fall

 Yep,so about this time of year a few things happen I am certain of : 1. I turn another year older...this year's a big one peeps,oh good grief,lookout I'm goin to be 30 years old. Now from what I understand 30 was a pretty great year for some people around me and others it wasn't that thrilling. I'm pretty cool with turning 30,28 and 29 weren't all they were cracked up to be so come on 30! 2. It's time to go purse shopping with some of my birthday monies. I always buy two purses a year,one purse around spring time ( with a little springtime/summertime pizzaz) to last me until the fall and then one purse around the fall ( with a warm cozy feel to hold all my randomness in the bottom of that purse) to last me until spring. And finally 3. I start to summon cooler fall weather.Like I've said before Memphis summers last well into September and oh goodness Kroger has already got out the pumpkins. So there see,if Kroger has gotten pumpkins ready to sell then it's fall. Yep bring on the cooler weather,hardly-any-humidity-please,macaroni and cheese-on the menu-after-raking-leaves-in-the-yard,break-out-the-hot-tea,save-on-your-utilities-for-just-a-few-months-and-turn-off-the-air conditioner FALL WEATHER!
    Now no it's not time just yet to break out the scarves and get those extra thick socks on your feet,but just cool enough to enjoy a piece of this goodness with a big ol' cup of tea ( yeah this is going on the menu again this year,it's soooo good) and maybe a big bowl of this fall classic with a frosty glass of Killian's ( oh gracious,talk about a lazy night with absolutely no ironing of any laundry after this meal) or heck even work on this while the taco soup cooks,this stuff straight out of the oven can warm up anyone,,bottom line.(and yes,I brought cream cheese into this,it's really the glue that holds me together,well that and coffee and my husband's patience...). So it's time to enjoy the last few summer cookouts,put up those neon pink flip flops,that awesome tropical print shirt and in your own time the beach towel,take your time I can wait...and break out the flannel blanket, that summer reading that's now turned into fall reading and let's settle into the blessings of fall. Enjoy!


  1. It's Fall because the Pumpkin Spice Latte has appeared! :)

  2. Yay for pumpkin and the pumpkin latte... I admit I'm a fan too :)

  3. Maybe I'll give in this year and get me one of those delicious beverages....maybe,but give me a pumpkin scone any day!love that icing!