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Friday, August 27, 2010

Come on cool breeze.

     I love when patio weather starts to roll in around weekend time. It's still a little warm outside and if you sit in the shade you catch just enough breeze and then you smile. I usually grab a book I've been trying to finish or catch up with a big ol' stack of magazines. We have a screen porch and blessed even more with a patio with some pretty decent shade. And since I've gotten into canning this summer I have plenty of empty mason jars just waiting to be filled with a nice glass of lemonade. I tell ya The Joy of Cooking folks got it right...they probably had lovely patios and cool breezes to enjoy too. Enjoy the refreshment!

Old-Fashioned Lemonade or Limeade
The Joy of Cooking , page 40
8 servings
*orange,pineapple,raspberry white grape juice or other fruit juice may be added to make a delightful beverage. Also mix half a glass of unsweetened iced tea with half a glass of either lemonade or limeade,talk about thirst quencher!
8 cups water 1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar
1 cup fresh lemon or lime juice-(about 6-8 lemons)
Directions: boil together the water and sugar,whisking to dissolve the sugar. Refrigerate until cold,then stir in the lemon or lime juice. Pour over ice cubes in tall glasses or into a pitcher of ice. This stuff is wonderful!

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