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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pleasant weekend,even nicer break!

   So I went out of town this not Tahiti (don't I wish),but a place even better. My in-laws live outside Tupelo,Mississippi in a small town called Plantersville .They have a nice house on a really big hill,surrounded by trees,nature and calm. I knew when I visited there for the first time,I had to come back. We had a really great time visiting with family and well I wanted to show off a little. Enjoy!
  This is a view from their back door. Across the driveway,that's my father-in-law's garden,gosh that's pretty.
    Tomatoes from the Harris Family Garden,those folks have some fine tomatoes!
  I also got a chance to visit with Aunt Joan,master gardener extraordinaire!  She grows grapes,among other things...ain't they pretty!
          And cucumbers...isn't that a lovely pot there in the background too,I thought so.
                       This sign should be in half the pots in my garden,her garden is it Aunt Joan.
And when I was walking around the Harris Vegetable Garden,I found these beautiful squash blossoms and well they were delish. I mean really...these are going to become an annual summer treat. Well here we are at the end of my weekend-in-review. I hope you have enjoyed all the delightful photos. Oh by the way,if you drive through Tupelo,find Plantersville and enjoy,it's a lovely place. (I think,but I'm partial.)

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