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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can't have a party without this dip.

   I tasted this dip a few years ago at a friend's house. It was cream cheesy,parmesan-tastin' oniony goodness and I knew right then I was hooked. That night,I never really found out the name of the dip,I just fed my face. The chip of choice, Fritos. The combination of cheese,onion and parmesan flavors met with the toasted corn chip was out of this world. The dip and Fritos were destined to be old friends. I didn't find out the name of this dip until a month or so later when I went to breakfast with another friend. She listened to me describe this dip I had that night a while back ago and she knew (because this dip gets around,let me tell you) instantly the heavenly concoction I was describing,it was Hot Onion Souffle. I told her that I would get the recipe at some point,but was in no hurry. Later that same day... she called me super excited and told me the page number in this cookbook by the Junior League of Memphis and lo and behold I HAD THE COOKBOOK! The don't-throw-a-party-without-this-dip recipe can be found in the Heart and Soul Cookbook,by The Junior League of Memphis,page number 31(bottom of the page,bookmark this page,you'll thank me later). You taste it once and you'll be hooked. Make it,serve it at few gatherings and just sit back and watch the magic. It's that good. Bottom line.
Hot Onion Souffle
1 bag frozen chopped onions,thawed and squeezed dry
24oz ( 3 8oz blocks) or cream cheese,softened
2 cups grated paremsan cheese
1/2 c mayo
-Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
-In a large bowl,mix together the cream cheese,parmesan cheese and mayo.Fold in the onions and mix
 well.Transfer to a shallow 2qt souffle dish.Bake about 15-20 minutes until the edges are golden brown and ...well until it looks like this picture really. The time might depend on your oven,but no more than 25 minutes. Serve with Fritos,other chips might work ok,but like I said this dip and those chips go back a long way. Enjoy a bite and then invite me over.

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