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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Delivery,Week-Long Inspiration

     So a month ago my mom calls me ,thrilled about this CSA(community-supported agriculture) share idea and she wants to know if we will enjoy some of the produce with her,... heck yes! She had read an article in the paper about local farms that you can buy a share of and enjoy the bounty of that farm's production on a weekly basis. The farm she picked to support is Downing Hollow Farms in Olive Hill,Tn, and what a delicious choice she made. They send a fresh,organic selection of seasonal produce once a week to the Cooper-Young Community Farmer's Market (in the parking lot of the First Congregational Church,just through the light at Cooper and Young) on Saturday mornings.They have their own tent where you pick up your bag and can also choose from some of the very same produce you'll be taking home,but MORE of it if something strikes your fancy,they've got you a whole table to purchase from! The produce is packed carefully and lovingly in a reusable grocery bag.The contents of the bag the last two weeks, has varied slightly but we've gotten mostly various greens,radishes,parsnips,carrots and huge spring onions. The bag might also contain some extra goodies such as homemade strawberry jam,fresh-baked ciabatta bread or a potted plant(last week chives for the garden,this week a perfect yellow dahlia).
               I brag about all of this for two reasons: 1. This produce delivery has been such a treat and will continue to be for months to come ( really good idea, mom). 2. These folks work really hard to grow and sustain this amazing farm.(check out the website,not only does it have a list of produce to come,but the land is beautiful!)The produce they send home every week with you is so fresh,so dang tasty and teaching people in the misouth-area to eat healthy,think more about what they eat and giving us a small part of them. Thanks Downing Hollow folks!

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! I saw this today and thought you might find it useful:

    My CSA starts next week and I can't wait!