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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now I've got an ACTUAL garden!

  Tomorrow afternoon (hopefully after a little of the sun has faded), I am going to plant some tomato plants and pepper plants! I was recently blessed with a delightful garden space in my yard and the seedlings are ready to go in the ground.The plastic squares of seedlings and the set of pots on either side have grown a bit more since this picture.At last count I have 25 tomato seedlings and 25 pepper seedlings to get started with and I hope they all take well and grow big! Get out the gardening gloves,the knee pads and pour up the water,it's going to be a productive afternoon,yeehaw!
          I  planted some heirloom tomato plants and cayenne pepper plants a few weeks ago. The heirloom tomato plants were purchased at a fantastic nursery up in Lexington,Kentucky. Yeah remember that trip,(the same trip where we had that delicious family dinner nite,yep that dinner was after the plant shopping), it rained the whole time and my adventurous family decides to go to this amazing nursery in the pouring down rain,oh our loves for plants,yeah. The nursery is called King's Garden Center( )and it was definitely worthy of royalty. The staff was really helpful,the plant selection out of this world and it was a haven on a rainy day for some ladies lookin' to plant something.If you're driving through Lexington,Kentucky and you know whats good for you and your garden,stop in this nursery and have some fun! We did! So the heirloom tomato plants were so exciting and the names and colors of the tomatoes to come,I just could not stand it! Enjoy these just for a minute or two.
    So yeah wrap that package full of  pictures of with a big red bow of cayenne peppers! I can't wait to make this recipe ( ) next weekend. The recipe calls for dried cayenne peppers and hopefully the pepper plants produce enough peppers to make a second batch of this recipe later in the summer! I found the dried whole red cayenne peppers at Penzey's Spice Shop for a really good price and the splash of red will make the jars of pickles extra enticing. It should be a blessed, plentiful and spicy summer!

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