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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Frontier,Even Better Wine

 I had this wine tonight at Bosco's. It hit the spot and went really well with this spicy chicken pizza I always order ( yeah... set the sun by me,it's the Pollo Diablo). It had the spice and a hint,small hint of cherry and the finished up really well. I bought a Malbec wine when I was visiting up in Kentucky,at this fantastic wine shop run by a guy named Charlie (I'll find out the name soon,it was raining and well the wine looked pretty great and in the middle of it all I didn't catch the name). So it's a Malbec too, from Argentina and if it's anything like the one I had tonight  it will be just perfect. I spent the first half of the day working,the second shopping with my hubby and the evening with friends and that amazing hubby. We enjoyed a delish dinner and the malbec wine just wrapped the day up in a bow. Thanks Montes and Boscos!

Ps. found it enjoy and call Charlie he knows a lot,

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